Investing for the future

FermionX’ commercial director, Will Patrick, explains the positive, post pandemic changes the company is making to processes, operations and the teams’ well-being.

Q) How is FermionX improving its customer service?

We’ve become more agile and proactive in our response to set-backs and issues, especially when it comes to supply chain and obsolescence management. This isn’t going to change. Our new processes mean we’ll remain as vigilant and reliable as ever.

Going forward we hope to upskill and train our team to offer a better solution for our customers, allowing us to go the extra mile when it comes to the service we offer.

Q) What has the past year taught you about managing a team?

The last 18-months has been an eye-opener. We’re a small, close-knit team and the pandemic really shook us. Especially when we had a number of colleagues contract Covid-19. It was a frightening time and really enhanced our commitment to the wellbeing of the team, both physically and mentally.

We’re working closely with our new HR manager to improve our support structure and promote more awareness around a healthy work-life balance. We’re reviewing the perks on offer and how we can enhance our employee benefits offering.

Q) What are your hopes for the future?

The pandemic has taught us how fragile life can be, that’s why we’re investing in the future. We’re investing in capital, the team and the service we provide customers. We are committed to supporting UK innovation and manufacturing.

We also want to do more to improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon emissions and are working to make positive changes across our business.