Connector Products

Coaxial connector ideal for automotive 

Hirose has introduced the GT43 series, shielded coaxial connector, ideal for automotive applications. 

The space-saving design reduces the mounting area, while the connectors also comply with CISPR25 radiated emission test requirements. When compared with traditional coaxial connector results, the GT43 is said to demonstrate a significant noise reduction performance. The series has also passed the BCI immunity test. 

The GT43 series is available with six coding and colour variations: black, brown, green, blue, grey and violet. A visual and geometrical poke-yoke can be provided. Connectors include an engineered terminal featuring a ‘one-step crimp process’ designed to make the production process efficient, with less steps to handle cable termination.  

The connectors suit applications including automotive camera, head units, camera ECU, main vehicle display, USB hub, tuner unit, CD/DVD players and more.

Hermetic connectors ready to ship 

Glenair’s lightweight and low resistance Code Red hermetic connectors are now available through Powell Electronics. The products are designed to be cost-effective, lightweight and low electrical resistance, while meeting NASA outgassing requirements and aerospace temperature and corrosion resistance standards. 

Code Red is a sealing encapsulant and application process, invented by Glenair, that provides durable hermetic sealing in a lightweight aluminium package. Code Red connectors offer a weight saving of up to 50 per cent compared with glass-to-metal seal hermetics, with low electrical resistance gold-plated copper contacts to improve electrical performance. 

Code Red hermetic connectors are available in Glenair SuperNine (D38999 Series III type metal and composite), Series 80 Mighty Mouse and M24308 D-Sub connector ranges. Special non-magnetic (zero residual magnetism) versions are also available. Operating temperature range is -65 to 200°C.

High-speed data transmission  for vehicle networks 

Rosenberger claims its differential high-speed data connector systems H-MTD, H-MTD+ and H-MTDe set new standards for future vehicle network systems. H-MTD connectors can be used for frequencies up to 20GHz, guarantee high-data transmission rates up to 56Gbit/s and are characterised by savings in installation space and weight. Another advantage is the modular design which enables a range of Ethernet

applications and industrial protocols.  

The H-MTD product family is used in driver assistance systems, autonomous driving applications, 4K cameras/displays and infotainment.

ERNI D-sub miniature fabricated on original tooling

Provertha now offers the full range of D-sub miniature connectors formerly made by ERNI. The company has acquired all the ERNI D-sub connector production equipment and tooling and is using the same raw materials and material suppliers so users are assured of the same quality and exact specifications.  

Provertha now claims to have one of the largest ranges of D-sub connectors. As well as the press fit, through hole, through hole reflow and surface mount parts formerly produced by ERNI, Provertha offers a range of standard Ds including solder, crimp, IDC, filtered, cable and PCB. A range of mating cable connectors, locking systems and hoods is also available. 

Provertha’s UK manager, Chris Osborn, said: “Provertha’s D-subminiature range is extensive and includes many different styles including one of the lowest profile parts on the market. The connectors are all manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards, and the ex-ERNI parts still retain the ERNI product numbers to help the customer.”