Solving global supply chain challenges

Incap Electronics UK’s managing director, Jamie Maughan, is confident that open communication is key to maintaining customer relations during unpredictable times. 

The pandemic and challenges in component availability have impacted the global EMS supply chain. In this article, Incap Electronics UK shares guidance on how to tackle these challenges.

Incap Electronics UK’s managing director, Jamie Maughan, recognizes that while 2020 was particularly unpredictable for all business sectors, the impact of the pandemic is ongoing: “Even though we are half-way through 2021, the business-environment around us at Incap UK has remained extremely dynamic, without strong foresight for the future.

“Due to the pandemic’s impact, plus global component shortages, electronic component allocation, rapidly growing IoT sector and shorter product life cycles, the global supply chain is currently facing challenges which threaten the daily work of companies in different sectors.”

Maughan describes that in a situation where the price of raw materials for EMS components is constantly increasing and manufacturers are trying to deliver their products and services to everyone, while it is not always possible in the desired quantities, solutions must be found to maintain successful customer relations. 

Maughan added: “We are not able to change the global supply chain, but we are able to adjust according to the situation. The key here is in open communication. We have established a smooth communication process with our customers and suppliers to find solutions for securing our stock with necessary details or finding alternatives to components we need. We submit newsletters with our supply chain overviews and keep our stakeholders on top of the situation.”

Maughan believes that open communication is the key factor in every business, not only EMS, and strongly suggests companies keep it as a cornerstone of their business strategy.