Passive products

High current power inductors suit automotive circuits 

TDK’s new HPL505032F1 power inductors enable level 5 ADAS applications for cameras by offering high-current and low-inductance for power circuits in central and graphic processing units, such as advanced driver-assistance systems. 

The products achieve their efficiency by adopting a low-resistance frame for the highly permeable and low-loss ferrite made of high BS material and low-RDC developed in-house. Its rated current is 1.5 times higher than TDK’s existing product, accommodating currents up to 40 to 50A. The proprietary structural design generates magnetic flux cancelling effects contributing to noise control, while the frame integrates internal with external electrodes and reduces the risk of an open/short circuit. 

Demand for high-speed, large-capacity camera footage in ADAS is increasing as vehicles become more autonomous. Cameras are an essential part of cars with ADAS capabilities, ensuring everything is aligned within a vehicle and preventing dangerous situations.

Supercapacitors ideal for SWaP-optimized battery powered products

AVX has launched a new series of standard and custom supercapacitors engineered to provide peak performance in an array of SWaP-optimized, battery-powered products. The 

SCP series PrizmaCap supercapacitors can be used alone or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries to extend backup time, improve battery life and provide instantaneous power pulses. End applications include wearable and handheld devices, industrial equipment, wireless keyboards, power peripherals, tablets and e-readers.

The supercapacitors are currently available in three standard form factors with a 48 by 45mm footprint and one of three height profiles: 0.8mm, 1.3mm or 2.0mm.

AVX’s global product manager supercapacitors, Eric DeRose, said: “Our new SCP Series PrizmaCap supercapacitors have a revolutionary new design in terms of form, fit and function compared to other AVX supercapacitors, and they leverage this innovative design to deliver the highest capacitance and energy density of any currently available, small form factor, prismatic, EDLC supercapacitor rated for more than one Farad.”

Wet tantalum capacitors save board space

Vishay has introduced a new series of HI-TMP surface-mount wet tantalum capacitors with operating temperatures to 200ºC in the compact C case code. Offering a smaller size and footprint than equivalent through-hole and overmolded high temperature devices, the T24 series is designed to utilize board space more efficiently and deliver increased reliability for oil exploration and  military and aerospace radar applications.

Measuring 9 by 7.1 by 7.4mm, the capacitors feature a tantalum metal case with a glass to tantalum hermetic seal. Optimized for timing, filtering, energy hold-up and pulse power applications, the devices offer improved thermal shock capability to 300 cycles and provide a longer life of 2,000 hours at 200°C, eliminating the need to utilize larger through-hole devices in demanding environments.

The T24 series features 200°C derated voltage ratings of 45 and 75VDC, with capacitance values of 33 and 10µF respectively.

3.5W high power chip resistors in stock

Stackpole’s CSRT2512-UP is a 2512 size chip resistor with 3.5W power rating It is in stock in a range of popular values. The device is a thin film based chip resistor with TCR of 50ppm, has tolerances as low as 0.5% and is AEC-Q200/RoHS compliant and halogen/lead free. The CSRT is said to have exceptional electrical and environmental performance, with resistance shifts of less than one per cent for many industry standard stress tests.

The high power capability, stability and accuracy of the device suit applications including power modules, frequency converters, home appliances, solid state power supplies, portable battery management, hybrid power control and automotive power and control.

Current sense resistor line offers smaller package sizes

Bourns has announced smaller package sizes and feature options in its CFN metal foil current sense resistor series. New 0402 and 0603 packages were introduced, as well as a lower TCR option of ±50ppm/°C in the 0603 and larger package sizes. 

Bourns states its metal foil technology construction lets the resistors provide low TCR, low inductance, low noise, excellent reliability and very low resistance values. These attributes suit power supply, stepper motor drive and input amplifier applications. The new smaller sizes meet the space requirements of mobile devices.

The company explained it has leveraged metal foil technology to achieve lower resistance values, ranging from 5 to 40milliohms while providing power ratings of 0.25 to 1W in components small enough for mobile applications. 

The structure and mounting style also offer benefits. Placing a metal foil resistive element on the bottom side of the ceramic substrate shortens the thermal pathway and improves heat dissipation characteristics. The rear mount style helps prevent surface damage during assembly that otherwise could cause a short.

Silicon capacitors support power networks

Murata has extended its product offering for the mobile and high-performance computing markets with its latest silicon process technology to fabricate silicon capacitors with a density of 1.3µF/mm². The device’s low ESL and low ESR support high performance power distribution networks that require low impedance over a wide frequency bandwidth.

As digital ICs evolve to offer more features at lower voltages, resolving issues like noise and voltage fluctuation is critical. Its <40µm profile enables chip engineers to embed the silicon capacitor into the package as close to the active die as possible, minimizing the current’s effective path length and thus minimizing parasitics. 

These multi-terminal devices satisfy the various SoC and microprocessor design requirements for multiple terminal capacitor networks. Replacing conventional monolithic ceramic capacitors with multi-terminal silicon devices reduces the total quantity of capacitors required on the board significantly, which improves compactness. Fewer capacitors also reduces BoM and mounting costs.


Power DC-Link film capacitors extend lifetime

Kemet’s new C4AK high temperature, power film DC-Link capacitor is designed for continuous use up to 1,000 hours at 135℃. Applications include solar, fuel cells, inverters, storage energy systems, automotive on-board chargers, heaters and welding equipment.

Design features include a radial box style for PCB mounting, miniaturization, low profile, 2–4 leads, and fewer capacitors needed in parallel to meet the required peak and ripple current. 

It surpasses the extreme conditions of the standard automotive (AEC-Q200) requirements for film technology in severe humidity/temperature conditions. Compared to competitor technologies, the C4AK series is said to have greater performance with a lifetime of 4,000 hours at 125°C and 1,000 hours at 135°C in harsh environmental conditions. 

The capacitor’s extended life at high temperatures provides designers a miniaturized, reduced component count solution over conventional film capacitors, particularly in wide band gap high frequency, high current systems.