Easing fuseholder assembly

Schurter proposes an alternative to mixing SMT and THT components on a printed circuit board

Small surface mount devices (SMD) result from the progressive miniaturisation of electronic components and, unlike through-hole parts, surface mount devices are soldered directly to the PCB’s surface. However, surface mounting components is not always suitable. For example, transformers may be too heavy and fuses may need to be easily replaced. 

To resolve such problems, hybrid solutions emerged comprising SMT boards with holes for THT components. Such PCBs require multiple soldering processes: at least one run for SMD and another for THT components. This leads to higher costs and longer processing times, plus a number of other disadvantages including shorter component lifetime caused by multiple soldering processes.

Regarding fuses, the ideal solution is a fuse which can be surface mounted while being easily replaced. Schurter’s OGN-SMD comprises an SMD fuseholder preassembled with a 5×20 cartridge fuse. They are available in blister packaging for automated tape and reel assembly, ready for the reflow oven. 

A range of current ratings and characteristics are offered from super-slow to super-fast. Schurter has the right fuse for most applications.