Unlocking the value of a PCB VAR

Fineline’s MD, Clive Wall, steps readers through the process of choosing a PCB VAR

2021 began with a challenging PCB supply chain: increasing costs and lead-times; material/capacity concerns; and freight disruptions. In turbulent times, customers can benefit from working with a value added reseller (VAR). These businesses enhance products through their services and customers have access to their supply chain expertise.

When sourcing a VAR, ensure its supply chain is fully audited by a qualified auditor—factories must pass stringent approval processes and have the relevant accreditations. Having a local onsite quality team, which works directly with factories to maintain and improve performance, is important to building strong relationships.

Good VARs have an in-depth understanding of evolving markets and business environments. They must be versatile and agile, with open customer communication channels and the ability to adapt their supply chains to meet customer needs and drive success.

A PCB partner that shows resilience to overcome risks and interruptions is invaluable.

This also applies to financial resilience. The strongest VARs support their manufacturing partners, financially, so they can procure materials and aid cashflow, whilst supporting customers with extended stocking arrangements.

Resilience can be the difference between success and failure. PCB VARs with versatility, agility and resilience are more important than ever to bring flexibility to PCB supply chains.