Sourcing enclosures that perform without compromise

BEC Group’s sales and new business manager, Holly Cummins, encourages readers to investigate the benefits of bespoke plastic injection moulded enclosures

The first port of call for electronics enclosures is usually standard project boxes. Although these provide a quick, low-cost solution they always involve a compromise: shape, size, colour, IP ratings, specifications of flame retardancy, hole pitching for fixings, the list goes on.

On the other hand, bespoke plastic injection moulded enclosures allow complete customisation, utilising heat, shock, water and dust resistant thermoplastics to exacting specifications. Customers can design enclosures to perfectly fit circuit boards, batteries, connectors and fixings in the precise colour, shape and size they wish. 

Metallic coatings such as nickel, silver and copper can be applied post-production for EMC/RFI shielding. Attractive branding options, such as embossed logo inserts, offer cost effective methods of differentiating products from competitors.

A design for manufacture consultation is key for streamlining a bespoke enclosure, highlighting inefficiencies, reducing costs and giving the buyer exactly what they need.