Investing in inventory and new products


Mouser Electronics’ senior VP of products, Jeff Newell

Mouser Electronics’ senior VP of products, Jeff Newell, states that inventory and selection are key in times of shortages and allocation

Look for supply chain instability to persist short term. However, there are reasons for optimism and confidence looking forward to 2022 and beyond. The industry outlook shows robust demand for components, particularly in the data, communication and transportation sectors. 

At Mouser, our inventory position continues to help set us apart. We experienced a record year in 2021, due in large part to the overall semiconductor shortage throughout most of the industry. This continues to send customers our way as they know we are a well-resourced, authorized distributor with the widest selection of products in the world. We work continually with our logistics partners to provide shipping and freight at the best prices possible.

Expect to see continued growth in semiconductor products as those supply chains will continue to be spotty. We also expect to see growth in other major product categories (interconnect, passives, electromechanical), though likely not to the same extent. Engineering tools and new product introductions are two focus areas where we anticipate continued growth for 2022. 

Inventory and selection are key in times of shortages and allocation. This year, Mouser has added a record 100-plus new manufacturers to its lineup and is stocking the industry’s widest product selection, giving customers the most choices. In 2022, we will continue with our strategy to invest in inventory and new products.,uk