EAO’s Multi-Legend Alarm indicator

EAO’s Multi-Legend Alarm indicator simplifies fault monitoring and contributes to increased operator safety and equipment care. The flexible number of arrangement of symbols, as well as the ultra-thin mounting depth of less than 8mm thickness, fits operator control applications where space is limited. The panel size, layout and symbols are fully customizable and is available in different illumination colors.

Typical applications include heavy duty equipment and machinery, specialty vehicles, truck and bus operator controls, machinery, industrial automation and more. The advantages of the Multi-Legend Alarm Indicator includes customizable panel size and symbols, quick adaptation to customer-specific requirements and additional functionality can be added.

Each indicator is electronically independent to guarantee high operational safety along with redundant illumination on each element to provide increased reliability. The complete system of indicators is controlled by bus interface, digital I/O or other interfaces, which allows easy and effective integration with existing systems. The HMIS Multi-Legend indicator conforms to EN 45545 standards and offers connectivity with up to 36 tiles in each module and is suitable for 24 and 110 VDC systems.

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