Introducing low power driver monitoring

Omnivision has announced an AI-enabled ASIC that can seamlessly and simultaneously power dedicated driver and occupant monitoring systems. It uses a stacked-die architecture to provide integrated RGB-IR image signal processing with two AI neural processing units and embedded DDR3 memory (2Gb) in a single low power, small package chip.

Director, autonomous vehicle research, strategy analytics, Mark Fitzgerald, said: “Driver monitoring solutions that are high performance and low power, with a small package size, are attractive to OEMs looking to comply to regional safety regulations. The flexibility to add additional features and expand into cabin monitoring is a bonus.”

Omnivision’s automotive product marketing manager, Brian Pluckebaum, added: “Our OAX4600 is set to transform the automotive industry. It integrates a unique set of features developed specifically for interior monitoring systems and its small size and low power provide OEMs with the flexibility to place the camera at any location within the car, regardless of space constraints.”