Halve the BoM

The HiperPFS-5 family of power-factor-correction ICs incorporates a 750V PowiGaN gallium-nitride switch. With efficiency up to 98.3 per cent, the new ICs deliver up to 240W with no heatsinks and can achieve a power factor of better than 0.98.

These quasi-resonant PFC ICs help engineers create fast, small and versatile high-power USB PD chargers. They also suit TVs, game consoles, all-in-one computers and appliances.

Many countries require power supplies over 75W to have power factor correction. HiperPFS-5 ICs let designers beat aggressive efficiency regulations while cutting the bill-of-materials by half and achieving attractive form factors for ultra-fast chargers.

HiperPFS-5’s QR discontinuous conduction mode control technique ensures low switching losses and permits use of a low-cost boost diode. They maintain a high power factor up to 305VAC and can operate continuously at up to 460VAC during line swells. Additionally, they incorporate PI’s automatic X-capacitor discharge function, including the required redundant pins to meet safety regulations.