Eliminate heatsinks

The new HiperLCS-2 chipset brings Power Integrations’ 600V FREDFETs and magneto-inductive FluxLink technology to the LLC topology. The company states the result is 98 per cent efficiency and a 40 per cent component-count reduction in LLC resonant power converters up to 250W, eliminating bulky heatsinks or unreliable optocouplers.

One half of the dual-chip solution is the HiperLCS2-HB half-bridge power device utilizing 600V FREDFETs with lossless current sensing and high and low-side drivers. The other half is the HiperLCS2-SR isolation device with a high-bandwidth LLC controller, synchronous rectification driver and FluxLink isolated control link.

Both devices are housed in low-profile InSOP-24 packages, enabling designs of compact adapters and open-frame power supplies for TVs, monitors with USB PD ports, all-in-one PCs, game consoles and battery chargers for power tools and e-bikes.

Power supply designs based on HiperLCS-2 can achieve no-load input power of less than 50mW at 400VDC input and provide a continuously regulated output, easily complying with the world’s most stringent no-load and standby efficiency regulations.