ODU Connectors: New military connector catalogue & videos

Robust. Durable. Optimized for demanding applications.

A new catalogue is available for the ODU AMC® Series T military connectors, from which both connectors and moulded cable-sets can be ordered.

ODU Connectors for military, security, and communications technology, offer high‐speed data transmission with weight reductions of up to 70%. Even in the smallest installation space, different transmission variants can be individually configured.

The unique 3-on-1 locking system gives maximum flexibility, allowing a choice of the most appropriate plug locking mechanism (push-pull, break-away or thread-lock) at each connection point on the equipment, whilst retaining a common receptacle connector.

Newly released online videos demonstrate the full Series T capability.

There are two shell sizes, with various numbers of contacts, offering the perfect connector solution for all situations.

There is also a full range of MIL-STD accessories, such as MIL-DTL-38999 Series III back-shells, AS39029 crimp contacts and protective caps.