Increased power density

Diodes Incorporated’s PowerDI 8080-5 is a high current, thermally efficient power package designed to meet the needs of electric vehicle (EV) applications. The first product in the package is the DMTH4M70SPGWQ, a 40V automotive-compliant MOSFET that features a typical RDS(ON) of 0.54mΩ at a gate drive of 10V, while its gate charge is 117nC. This performance helps designers of automotive high-power BLDC motor drives, DC-DC converters and charging systems maximize system efficiency while minimising power dissipation.

PCB footprint of 64mm², which is 40 per cent less than that occupied by the TO263 package format. Off-board profile is 1.7mm, which is 63 per cent lower than a TO263. The copper clip bonding between the die and terminals facilitates a low junction-to-case thermal resistance of 0.36°C/W. This lets the PowerDI 8080-5 handle currents up to 460A and deliver a power density eight times greater than a TO263 package.