Power module includes snap-in mounting

Schurter has expanded its EC12 series with a snap-in mounting version. The variant is designed to save panel space otherwise consumed by a mounting flange. It also provides quick and easy, well-secured installation.

The product has the same integrated features as the flange mount version: IEC C20 appliance inlet; high-performance single-stage filter; and power switch (with/without illumination). Alternatively, it features snap arms designed to ensure a tight fit as they mount to the panel simultaneously. This ensures a high quality electrical contact to the panel, which optimizes the filtering and shielding effect.

The EC12 filter series is available as a standard or medical M5/M80 version and is used in devices especially sensitive to interference. This includes IT or telecom systems according to IEC 92368-1 and medical equipment according to IEC 60601-1. Filter versions with increased surge withstand voltage capability are also available.