Pre-assembled, tested, ready to connect

Binder is offering pre-assembled, overmolded and tested cables in standard M12 format. The products are designed to help customers in industrial automation applications shorten installation time and avoid errors.

Simple, fast handling of connection technology is important for manufacturers seeking to improve the cost-effectiveness of installation procedures. Using pre-assembled, overmolded and tested cables offers an advantage. Such cables eliminate the need for time-consuming and error-prone single-core wiring, considerably reducing installation/cabling effort and helping implement efficient plug and play concepts.

Binder’s portfolio of ready-to-connect cables in M12 format includes a range of connector types with different codings. Designed with three to 12 pins, straight and angled products— moulded on one or both sides—are available in various cable qualities. In addition to M12, binder offers further ready-to-connect products, for example in the smaller standardized M8 form factor.