Staggered layout offers 30 per cent space savings

Molex has announced quad-row board-to-board connectors, featuring the industry’s first staggered-circuit layout for 30 per cent space savings over conventional connector designs. These patent-pending connectors offer customers greater freedom and flexibility to support compact form factors including smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, game consoles and VR devices.

Molex’ vice president and general manager Micro Solutions Business Unit, Justin Kerr, said: “With the high-density, quad-row board-to-board connectors, our customers now can squeeze more features, sensors and functionality into increasingly tight spaces without compromising device performance. As a result, Molex is setting a new connectivity standard for space optimization.”

In collaboration with a smartwatch manufacturer and flexible printed circuit specialist, Molex validated the first staggered circuit layout, which positions pins across four rows at a signal contact pitch of 0.175mm. The result delivers unprecedented space savings while enabling high-density circuit connectivity.