Compact, lightweight DC/DC converter meets railway standards

Relec Electronics’ Premium’s CBS-10K DC/DC converter series is designed to provide peak power hybrid diesel-electric trains when catenary power is not available.

The converters feature galvanic isolation between input and output, operating at fixed switching frequency. The single output converter has multiple I/O combinations to meet industrial and rail applications which require high power conversion in a compact design. The converter provides up to 6kW average power and peak power up to 10kW for 40s to protect against overload and short circuits.

The modules can provide 500VDC output (up to 700VDC on request). Premium developed the series with SiC technology to increase power density. Input options are 24, 48, 72 and 110VDC. All models can be operated in parallel. The high I/O isolation is 5,000Vrms and the design includes an ORing diode at the output to decouple it from lines up to 2kV.