Kitting away supply chain disruptions

SeSemi Electronics argues that kitting offers a solution to Covid’s significant and lasting impact on logistics and overheads regarding supply chain management

Component kitting services have evolved over time, with customer input helping shape the required service and determine how it is implemented. No two customer requirements are identical, thus flexibility is arguably the single most important factor.

The component purchasing process can often be time consuming, involving multiple purchase orders, receipts, invoices and payments. It also restricts the benefits of vendor reduction, while excess material can take up valuable warehouse space. Furthermore, the pandemic is causing unexpected disruption resulting in processes becoming even more difficult to manage.

The immediate benefit of component kitting is reducing the obvious time-consuming activities in the supply chain processes. In addition, are the measurable benefits of receiving a bespoke production ready box of materials which reduces the time to load components at production stages, limits waste and reduces the commercial and logistic pain incurred by shortages.

Lead times and product availability have become vulnerabilities, so utilising the knowledge, expertise and global reach of a kitting house can allow customers to stay ahead of continuous market changes. Another benefit is procurement support for products at risk of shortage or obsolescence.

Risk management is a key element of companies’ purchasing structure and while industry is going through a big disruption, it is paramount this process remains of upmost importance. Choosing a partner with an established and stringent QMS is vital.

From prototype stage to full production quantities, SeSemi Electronics can take control of a bill-of-materials and supply custom labelled production ready kits of components to customers around the globe. The company can support long term schedules and hold buffer stock in an ESD, temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse. SeSemi Electronics provides quick turnaround quotations, including market and product knowledge, to stay one step ahead of production disruption.