Start your obsolescence journey

Force Technologies’ managing director, Karen Salmon

Force Technologies’ managing director, Karen Salmon, reminisces on IIOM’s origins and highlights how it helps OEMs and individuals through their obsolescence journeys

When Ian Blackman invited me to a meeting at GEC Borehamwood’s Social Club in 1997, I remember thinking ‘why am I driving eighty miles to sit and talk about obsolescence?’ The dingy wooden panelled room with a closed bar didn’t invoke excitement. However, Ian explained enthusiastically how he had formed COG to help like-minded businesses pick their way through the obsolescence management minefield. The idea was to support OEMs and promote solution providers like Force Technologies which signed up to become member number 27.

Fast Forward 25-years and having sat on many committees—including the website and contributing to the COG booklets—brings back fond memories. I am still a proud IIOM member, witnessing how the organisation has grown worldwide and continues to help OEMs and individual members through their obsolescence journey.