Complete spectrum of procurement services

As component shortages force companies to consider out-of-franchise sources, it’s essential to work with trustworthy partners as Solid State Supplies explains

Counterfeit activity has risen significantly during the recent component shortages, and as more companies are forced to consider the out-of-franchise route to plug procurement gaps, it’s essential to work with a partner you can trust.

Solid State Supplies has been in the franchised component distribution business for over 50 years. Sourcing and obsolescence services (SOS) are an important element of our remit, and the team has been strengthened so we can now supply both commercial and military hard-to-source parts.

Commercial and industrial sourcing divisional manager, Peter Greenslade, brings 30-years of experience and an extensive network of global sourcing contacts to the company.

Peter said: “When conditions are this challenging, we must be flexible as a supply partner. Alongside the products we supply from our franchised sources, we also have the capability to source products for lines we are not franchised for. We’ve worked hard to establish a wider network of trusted, verified suppliers so we can protect customers and keep production schedules on track.”

Solid State Supplies verifies all sources and carries out full due diligence to mitigate risk, providing return rights and warranty on all goods supplied. Our experience means we are well positioned to avoid pitfalls and pre-empt problems; we protect customers with dedicated buffer stocks, and our close relationships with our suppliers often allows us to secure more product on behalf of key customers.

Avoiding counterfeit products has always been a focus for the military and aerospace sectors. Solid State Supplies is a member of ERAI, host to the world’s largest database of suspect counterfeit and non-conforming electronic parts.

Military and hi-rel sourcing divisional manager, Paul Dale, advises OEMs in the defence and aerospace sectors to make sure they have an approved supply chain with industry recognised approval.

Paul added: “When we source mil/hi-rel electronic components, we only buy from other suppliers with AS9120 accreditation. It’s essential that any distributor has an industry-recognised system in place, and it’s important to establish what your distributor’s counterfeit-avoidance policy is. When we buy components, if we cannot obtain them with the manufacturer’s C of C, we test to AS6081 which is an international recognised standard for inspecting electronic components for suspected counterfeiting. In some cases, we add extra testing in line with customer requirements; the test houses we use are all AS9100 approved.”

Our combination of cost-effective, reliable provision of regular franchised components, assured sourcing of hard-to-find product and experienced management of EOL and obsolescence situations ensures your supply schedules can run without disruption—and buying counterfeit products from us is something you’ll never have to worry about.