Focused on customer service

TOP-electronics’ CEO and founder, Arco Snoey

TOP-electronics’ CEO and founder, Arco Snoey, explains how the company leverages strong ties with manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the United States

The biggest challenge TOP-electronics has faced over the last 12-months is of course minimizing line-downs at customers’ factories resulting from component shortages, with some products having lead times of more than 50-weeks.

The next 12-months will continue to be challenging for sourcing components. However, by leveraging TOP-electronics’ strong ties with manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the United States, the company is building as much stock as possible to support anticipated demand.

Smaller size independent distributors, such as TOP-electronics, offer customers a good resource as they are more focused on customer service and willing to take extra steps with an eye to the customer’s needs.

TOP-electronics is both a global and local player, with warehouses in Europe, North America and China, supporting local customers who are often global players in their field. Support goes from product selection and design reviews during product development, to logistic services during production at OEMs and CEMs around the world.

Being almost 20-years into the business, TOP has created a wide high-tech line card, with a focus on IoT, precision analog, motion control, sensors, thermal management and components. The company’s dedication to its suppliers gives customers an objective view of the quality and technical capabilities for their new design ideas.