Enclosure agreement includes custom solutions

Princeps has signed an authorised distribution agreement to supply Hammond Manufacturing’s complete portfolio of electrical enclosures, which can also be modified and customised in-house to suit specific customer requirements.

Princeps’ sales director, David Nash, said: “Hammond enclosures are renowned for their variety and quality and we are delighted to have been appointed as a Hammond authorized distributor, which further enhances our capability to provide complete customer solutions.

“Hammond’s in-house customization service saves time and effort. Instead of having to carry out modifications or sub-contract work out themselves, we work with our customers to understand their requirements, assist with modification drawings if necessary and supply the Hammond enclosure with everything done.  This totally streamlines processes for customers and saves time, effort and cost.

“Recently, for example, we were able to save one customer in the rail industry 60 per cent compared with the cost of buying a standard enclosure and having modifications carried out by a third party.”