First UK Versaflow 455 Selective soldering system arrives at Esprit Electronics

We are extremely pleased to announce that following successful trials at Kurtz Ersa’s Application Centre in Wertheim Germany, South Coast based CEM Esprit Electronics have ordered the Versaflow 455 Selective soldering system with the VERSAFLEX module.

This innovative system offers substantial added value for the production process by potentially doubling the soldering throughput. Unlike the standard dual pot configuration that works on either a Z or Y variable soldering process, this system has two solder pots that are installed on two independent axes.

Uniquely, these pots can be moved and adjusted individually in X-Y-Z direction. Thus, PCB panels can be soldered simultaneously in X or Y axes, incorporating different size nozzles if necessary. The result is the highest flexibility and shortest cycle time. In addition, the CAD Assistant 4 offers offline programming with automatic optimisation of cycle times and the possibility to work with ODB++ data, as well as DXF and JPEG formats. 

This is the first VERSAFLEX system in the UK and will be in use from November 2022 at Esprit Electronics.