Bent metal enclosures in demand

Buyers tasked with sourcing enclosures for non-standardised PCBs can explore Lincoln Binns’ bent metal enclosures design and manufacturing service

Disconnects between electronic and mechanical design mean PCBs are not always designed with the enclosure in mind. Boards can be odd sized, odd shaped and feature connectors on more than two sides.

Lincoln Binns’ solution is a Zintec steel case which is laser cut, folded, welded (if needed) and powder coated. Coating options include matt, gloss, semi-gloss and fine textured finishes. Zintec steel sheet is metal plate electrolytically coated with a thin layer of zinc. It is strong and machinable. Various thicknesses are available depending on the enclosure’s overall size.

When compared with an extrusion, sheet metal allows for custom sizes and complex shapes without the expense of an extrusion die and bulk ordering material. Sheet metal also allows the addition of holes, cut-outs and vent patterns on six sides in one operation.

Lincoln Binns uses Zintec for its strength and affordability compared with aluminium. However, all bent metal enclosures can be produced from aluminium and anodised if needed.

Design is done in-house by Lincoln Binns’ design team using SolidWorks either from a 3D PCB model or the board itself. Design features can include self-clinching stand-offs to mount the board, light pipe cut-outs for digitally printed colour artwork.

Lincoln Binns also uses the laser cutting and bending process to manufacture its own range of 19in enclosures.