Success amid semiconductor supply disruption

Rochester Electronics’ executive vice president, Colin Strother

Rochester Electronics’ executive vice president, Colin Strother, explains how the company will enable customer success in 2023 in one word: products

The semiconductor industry can be notoriously cyclical. Since the founding of Rochester Electronics in 1981, we recall approximately twenty industry cycles of varying magnitude, each with different causes. They all tend to start and end abruptly.

We expect continued supply chain disruption in 2023. The overall market may decline but shortages are likely to remain in specific categories, with oversupply in others. Our focus for 2023 is, as it has been for over forty years, enabling customer success.

We will continue our digital transformation strategy and adding physical resources to existing and new global locations as we strive to meet our customers where they are: online, in electronic B2B transactions, offline, in-person and virtually. How will we ultimately enable customer success? In one word: products.

As an original manufacturer stocking distributor, Rochester has over 15 billion devices in stock encompassing more than 200,000-part numbers, providing the world’s most extensive range of end-of-life (EOL) and broadest range of active semiconductors. Our die bank of over 12 billion die allows us to add to our in-stock portfolio with an enormous potential SKU count of licensed manufacturing product solutions.

The tremendous breadth of our offerings provides our customers with the parts they need, when they need them, from an authorized source of supply, in any market. Rochester expects another year of tremendous success by enabling our customers’ success.