Top tips for finding the right manufacturing partner

Trojan Electronics’ operations manager, David O’Keeffe, looks at why selecting the right manufacturing partner has become more important than ever

Organisations should focus on the whole package when considering outsourcing. David O’Keeffe suggests looking at existing relationships: “Did the company do what it said it would within the agreed timeframe? Is it a trusted relationship?

“This can often be determined by the length of customer relationships. Relationships stretching back several years and evidenced through testimonials are a good indicator the company values relationships and customer retention.”

Flexible approach: Although planning is essential, it is important to look for a flexible CEM that can meet changing requirements.

O’Keeffe said: “For example, when changing a product can the CEM accommodate design changes, shorter product runs or prototype manufacturing?”

Capabilities: O’Keeffe explained: “Any organisation choosing to outsource its manufacturing, assembly or end-of-life management, wants to be certain the CEM does what they would have done themselves, perhaps a little more efficiently.”

Capacity: Any organisation looking to scale production, run different product lines or move from assembly to box-build for example, needs a CEM with the capacity to accommodate this. O’Keeffe suggests a site visit, so the company can see what capacity and facilities the CEM has to accommodate their growth.

Culture and fit: O’Keeffe recommends organisations ask: does the CEM have a culture of collaboration, participation and innovation? Are both companies committed to working together with customers throughout every stage of the product and supply chain cycle?