Investing in UK PCB distribution

Starteam Global’s CEO Daniel Jacob (left) & Photronix’ Founder, Alan Millard (right)

With its acquisition of Photronix UK, Starteam Global now offers UK PCB purchasers just-in-time warehousing, on-site board inspection, sales and customer service

PCB manufacturer and solutions provider, Starteam Global, has expanded its global footprint by acquiring Photronix UK. STG operates in 19 countries with the UK becoming the 20th market. The company has a factory in China and plans for a second factory outside China soon. Photronix UK will become Starteam UK, complementing STG’s European PCB sales, technical, quality labs and warehouse operations in Germany and Italy. Specifically, Starteam UK will offer just-in-time warehousing, on-site quality inspections of boards, plus sales and customer service for UK-based customers.

Starteam UK’s MD, Alan Millard, said: “As Starteam UK management, the operations of this location will continue to provide local customers with PCB sales, engineering, quality control, technical support, plus our continued warehousing services, for prototypes, small batch and medium order requirements. Starteam UK in Worthing is now also Starteam Global’s UK sales office for mass volume PCB requirements supplied directly from Asia to customers’ PCBA manufacturing locations.”

Starteam Global’s CCO, Franco Raffa, added: “We are delighted to have expanded our operations into the UK market and are looking forward to approaching UK based customers. We are confident that the market will be receptive of our products and services which have made us so successful around the world. With the addition of Custom Products to our portfolio of products we are excited to meet the markets technical needs.”

Originally from Germany, Starteam Global operates its own factory in China. Complemented by several JV manufacturing plants, STG can meet all PCB technology needs. In the last year, STG has been expanding across the globe with nine sales offices being opened in unique locations. With over 20-years of success in the automotive industry, Starteam Global possesses a huge amount of technical knowledge and experience. Currently, STG has ongoing projects in the automotive, industrial, telecommunication, medical, consumer, energy and lighting sectors.

Starteam Global is currently working on a ‘China +1’ concept which aims to reduce the market’s dependence on China. Essentially, this would be a second fully owned Starteam Global factory based in Southeast Asia. An official announcement for this new STG manufacturing facility can be expected in coming months.