Talking openly about menopause

Nano Electronic Services’ director, Steve Drew

Nano Electronic Services’ Steve Drew is proud of the organisations’ support for colleagues experiencing the symptoms of menopause.

Employees are the heartbeat of any company, with the industry already facing a skills crisis with not enough people entering the sector. However, what about people leaving it—skilled and knowledgeable people.

Did you know one in four women consider leaving their employment due to the menopause. Something that needs to be discussed, it’s a condition likely to affect all women and impact the workplace.

Supporting menopause at work is right for colleagues and organisations. It underpins an inclusive, supportive work environment, while helping attract and retain talented people. Menopause is an individual experience and for those experiencing symptoms it can be a relief to know their employer and colleagues will support them.

Employers seeking to attract and retain a diverse, inclusive workforce can start by creating an environment where colleagues can talk openly about menopause and mental health. Nano Electronic Services is proud to fly-the-flag for this important subject and hopes other companies will consider raising awareness.

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