Feel the Difference with ODU Silicone Overmoulded Assemblies

ODU offers individual, silicone-overmoulded asseblies of connectors and certified silicone cables with optional laser marking in accordance with UDI (Unique Device Identification).


In applications with high currents and/or temperatures, with high data rates transmitted via copper or fibre-optic cables and where sealing is important – it is not enough to simply offer a high-quality connector and ignore the connection technology or cable assembly.

Only in conjunction with the appropriate cable and a process-reliable connection can a connector meet customer requirements. With a complete solution from a single source, ODU can guarantee the complete reliability of the cable assembly.


ODU silicone overmouldings for the medical industry

Easy to clean, flexible, insensitive to extreme temperatures and remaining usable even after the required autoclave cycles (steam sterilization at 134 °C and 3.040 mbar).

Cytotoxicity testing (outgassing) to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 is confirmed by an external test laboratory.

The complex process of silicone overmoulding ensures an absolutely tight, but nevertheless flexible, connection of cables to the connector (kink protection to DIN EN ISO 61010-031 as well as increased strain relief) and is adapted to the specific material properties of the silicone cable.



Any quantity any length

Small quantity availability is enabled by factory stock and no MOQ is required.

Cable assemblies are available to any length (within the scope of technical possibilities), so that customers do not have to limit themselves to predefined dimensions.

Cables from qualified suppliers include certifications and further tests for surface finish, adhesion and cleaning, ensure that no further certification procedures are required.

So, the supply chain is limited to one point of contact and only one part number needs to be managed by the customer.


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