Paving the way for automated wiring

Allied Electronics & Automation is offering Phoenix Contact’s new XTV terminal blocks with Push-X connection technology, which is designed to offer easy, flexible and virtually tool-free wiring and rewiring with minimal force. This reduces installation times for all conductor types and cross sections and paves the way for automated wiring.


Push-X connection technology features a pretensioned contact spring that supports the connection of stripped rigid and flexible conductors with or without ferrules. The spring is designed to be triggered when even the smallest flexible conductors lightly tap the release surface inside the clamping chamber. Once triggered, the contact spring establishes a safe, effortless and durable connection with the conductor.


Phoenix Contact’s Senior director of development and product marketing–industrial cabinet connectivity, Klaus Firschke, said: “Push-X technology is an innovative milestone in push-in connection technology. Push-X connection technology can accommodate all types of conductors with direct wiring without the need for tools or force, making it one of the fastest, most flexible and most efficient connection technologies on the market.”