Assemble more efficiently

Crimp variants of Binder’s M16 series simplify wiring in small quantities on site and also automatically in larger batches. In addition to letting users quickly and easily wire connectors on site, crimping technology is also characterised by its mechanical robustness, corrosion resistance and advantageous electrical properties.


M16 connectors with crimp termination meet growing demand for modular connectivity regarding signals, data and electrical power. Thanks to specific properties, such as tensile strength/conductivity and time-saving assembly, they are used in industrial applications such as the installation and replacement of gas meters.


Binder’s 423 series crimp terminated M16 connectors are specified for 32 to 150V at 5 or 6A, depending on the number of pins. Two to eight-pin versions are available. Depending on the contact surface (silver or gold), they achieve a mechanical lifetime of at least 500 or 1,000 mating cycles, respectively. The products feature screw locking and are designed for protection to IP67.