Tough enclosures suit extreme environments

New for 2023, Phoenix Contact is introducing OCS series electronics housings, designed for autonomous device systems in extreme environments


OCS outdoor housings are internationally certified UV-stabilised polycarbonate empty enclosures for electronics and industrial control devices that can operate under extreme ambient conditions.


Thanks to robust properties, they help ensure the reliable operation of mobile data and control systems in various locations. A PUR seal enables IP69 protection against water and other harmful substances. A 4mm panel thickness provides high impact resistance and IK10 protection, providing stability under heavy mechanical strain within a temperature range of -35 to 40°C.


OCS housings suit numerous industries including transportation infrastructure, public monitoring, water management and agriculture (smart farming) and are used in demanding applications such as monitoring systems, signalling systems, control engineering and weather stations.


The large-volume plastic housings can be customised and extended with accessories. Numerous features provide customers with a high degree of flexibility when planning and implementing an application, including the option of wall or mast mounting. Further accessories are offered to seal and lock the enclosures to protect and secure the components within the enclosure. Integrated mounting bolts secure heavy components within the enclosure or on to the PCB.


The OCS housing system is currently available in three sizes: 8 by 6 by 4in, 10 by 8 by 6in and 12 by 10 by 6in, each available with either a transparent or opaque lid.