Silicone-free thermal gel meets industry demand

Parker Chomerics has unveiled Therm-a-Gap Gel 40NS, the next iteration in its line of silicone-free, thermally conductive gels. This one-component, low-outgassing material features a formulation to meet the stringent requirements of silicone-sensitive applications such as optical equipment, camera modules, high-performance sensors and data storage devices.


Offering heat-transfer performance of 4.0W/m-K thermal conductivity, the material benefits from an ultra-low compression force, deforming easily under assembly pressure, minimising stress on components, solder joints and leads. The cured and dispensable product requires no mixing and maintains the traditional advantages of Parker Chomerics’ line of thermal gels, providing integration into high-volume, automated assembly applications, plus rework and field repair situations.


Chomerics Division’s global market manager, Ben Nudelman, said: “The consumer electronics, automotive and telecommunications industries have spent years waiting for a high-performance, reliable, non-silicone solution that fits into the portfolio of dispensable and cost-effective thermal interface materials.”