Turning 20

Rebound Group’s CEO, Simon Thake

Rebound Group CEO, Simon Thake, reflects on the company’s 20-year milestone anniversary, thinking more about the people than the achievements


The origin of Rebound was as a pan European business, as Freeway Group—which I started in 1989—was UK centric which had its challenges. By working on a European platform I felt we could sustain a level of achievement that would offer everyone in the company a comfortable lifestyle, ensuring everyone could attain their own personal goals.


Acquiring Freeway (Azego TS /ACG UK) was a sweet moment for the Group. It doubled turnover overnight and ensured the loss-making acquisition was profitable by March 2006. I believe this provided the platform to build and confidence to reach whatever we wished to achieve. Here we are today: 38 offices, 22 countries and an incredibly innovative resilient team that I class the best in its field within our sector.


We have another challenging year ahead but my belief with the implementation of Rebound 2.0 starting this year we will have a special year that will certainly crown our anniversary.


Rebound’s global team can offer buyers real-time global market intelligence from a single point of contact. The company offers real-time market insight and trends. Rebound’s scale and data centric platform ensure it is well-placed to secure the best price and availability for the trusted electronic components manufacturers need to maintain production and competitiveness.

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