Agency for change

Nano Electronic Services introduces ECS visitors to the benefits of what is believed to be the UK’s first electronics manufacturing agency


Nano Electronic Services is offering a new and unique approach to manufacturing. The company works with, and on behalf of, several manufacturing companies and design consultants. With over 30-years industry experience in both component distribution, kitting and PCB assembly, Nano is well placed to help OEMs with their design or production requirements in what the company believes is the UK’s first electronics manufacturing agency.


Alongside its manufacturing service offerings, Nano will be showcasing the latest air flow sensors from Flusso, along with its own Amun Sensor Module—designed for easy integration into HVAC and other systems for monitoring air flow and blocked filters.


Nano will also be promoting the Hiltop open source hardware test platform from DevTank, designed to offer a unique test and measurement solution for engineers.


Manufacturing equipment and services include: fifteen SMT lines; solder jet printing and vapour phase reflow; 3D AOI and x-ray; µBGA, 0201 and 01005 capability; PTH with auto insert capability; low cost hand build options for low volume and one off prototyping; IPC Class 2 and 3; ISO13485 capability; design services, including PCB layout  (Altium/Mentor) and full product design; test services including EMC, environmental and vibration; CE to UKCA support; rapid prototyping to box build, plus in-house design and PCB layout capabilities; flexible supply chain, minimising capacity issues; and quote turnaround times typically 48-hours.


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