Double the frequency offering

Frequency acquisition offers a complementary range of high-performance, high-reliability crystal oscillator timing product solutions


Q-Tech, a US-based supplier of high-reliability crystal oscillators, has acquired Axtal, a company founded two decades ago by Brigitte and Bernd Neubig. This German manufacturer offers frequency control products designed to offer world-class ultra-low phase noise capabilities. Both companies offer a selection of frequency and timing products specifically designed for aerospace, defense, avionics, high-temperature, instrumentation and master clock applications, maintaining a global sales presence throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


The Q-Tech and Axtal product portfolios offer a range of crystal oscillators, from basic clocks (XO) and temperature-compensated (TCXO), to microprocessor-controlled (MCXO) and oven-controlled (OCXO) quartz oscillators. Both companies also offer additional technologies for complex modules and oscillators with multiple outputs and optimised performance under vibration.


This acquisition provides satellite manufacturers with a single source of advanced crystal oscillators designed for the entire gamut of space applications from low earth orbit (LEO), medium earth orbit (MEO) and geostationary earth orbit (GEO) to deep space.


Q-Tech’s president, Daniel Moline, and former president, Ron Stephens, said: “The strategic acquisition of Axtal significantly expands the Q-Tech family of precision clocking devices for mission-critical global applications. The two companies integrate decades of heritage and technology advancements.”


Axtal’s former managing director, Bernd Neubig, added: “We are very pleased to have found a buyer in Q-Tech, whose products ideally match those of the previous Axtal. This synergy is the basis for a secure future for the Mosbach site.”


Axtal’s new managing director, Henry Halang, concluded: “Both companies are not just market leaders, but also share a common philosophy. I am very excited to take over the management of Axtal and help grow the business of the new Q-Tech family.”