Faster time-to-market

Mouser Electronics’ senior VP of global sales, Mark Burr-Lonnon

Drop by stand 12 to see how Mouser is investing in inventory, people, automation and warehousing to help customers reduce their products’ time-to-market


As industry’s leading new product introduction distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, visitors won’t be surprised that Mouser is expanding its global headquarters and distribution centre. Ground was broken on an additional 416,000ft², three-story building in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.


With a larger warehouse space and continuing investment into automation and staffing, Mouser is preparing for the future while ensuring the highest levels of customer service today. The tools and systems put in place will help shorten customers’ time-to-market.


On completion, Mouser’s 78-acre global headquarters and distribution centre will comprise over 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space to accommodate an inventory of almost 1.1 million unique SKUs from over 1,200 manufacturers.


In 2022, Mouser launched over 40,900 new part numbers ready for shipment, with more planned this year. The company has over $1 billion of available stock with a significant level on order. This is up 15 per cent over last year’s inventory high.


The new building will feature a triple-mezzanine floorplan, advanced automation and a skybridge connector to the existing distribution centre building. This addition represents some of the most advanced receiving, order pulling and shipping departments in e-commerce.


Automation boosts efficiency, productivity, accuracy and speed, while enabling more sustainable operations and improved customer satisfaction.


Mouser is also investing in people. In the last five-years, the company has nearly doubled its global staff to over 3,700 employees.

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