Reliable safety functions for vehicles

JAE’s AX01 and MA01 series floating board-to-board connectors combine a high transmission speed (8Gbps+) with floating contacts to minimize mating-centring errors. For the ADAS market, the connectors provide highly reliable components. The connectors suit interference-sensitive applications relying on real-time data transmission such as vehicles safety functions including warning systems, cameras, navigation, audio and radio modules.


The connectors are available in 88 combinations for each series, eight different styles (30 to 140) and 11 stacking heights (8 to 30mm). Both series feature a floating tolerance of ±0.5mm in X/Y directions, allowing for positional misalignment and misalignment compensation in automated assembly and mating processes.


The MA01 series can be used at automotive operating temperatures up to 125°C. The two-point contact structure ensures reliable high-speed connection and uninterrupted continuity, even if one contact point is blocked by a foreign object.


A special cap provides additional protection to the mating area before use, enabling pick-and-place automatic assembly.