Sourcing performance cables

In this article, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies emphasises the importance of evaluating suppliers when sourcing microwave cable assemblies for demanding applications


Microwave cable assemblies can be considered critical components. Whether an application environment is deep space, under ocean or anywhere in between, cable assemblies and harnesses must meet high performance and quality standards because the equipment and operation will demand it.


Carlisle Interconnect Technologies states its microwave cable assemblies are constructed using low or ultra-low-density dielectric coupled with shielded outer conductors and unique connector attachment that withstands mechanical and thermal stresses better than standard connectors. This results in minimal loss characteristics, outstanding phase stability and superb flexibility compared to standard flexible cables without sacrificing mechanical integrity.


There are several variants of microwave cable assemblies including: miniature, low-loss, ultra-low-loss, MKR, external armour, ultra-light and TVAC. It is imperative they are designed and manufactured to survive harsh and stringent conditions. Since use cases range from laboratories to the battlefield and beyond, suppliers should be able to demonstrate proficiency in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and quality control.


OEMs should evaluate their wire, cable and connector supplier based on the specific needs of their engineers and operation to get the quality and performance demanded by their organisation.