Standardised M12 push-pull saves valuable space

Yamaichi Electronics is keen to demonstrate its push-pull M12 connector with inner locking which is specified to international standard IEC 61076-2-012


Yamaichi claims to have set a new standard with its M12 push-pull with inner locking. The cable plug locks deep inside the device socket via hooks. Thus, the system requires the same installation space as a common screw locking M12 connection.


With this technology, M12 connector sockets can be completely recessed into devices such as distribution boxes. The socket can accept conventional M12 connectors with screw locking. Users don’t depend on a special cable connector and thus remain flexible.


The system is IP65/IP67 waterproof and uses independent sealing concepts for screw-type and push-pull connectors. Mixed use of the connectors is possible. In addition, the socket uses a standard o-ring, ensuring easy assembly and integration.


The metallic locking hooks are internal so they resist mechanical stress if stepped on unmated. The hooks are long and lock deep in the socket. Thus, the system is guided and mechanically robust under vibration. This offers advantages when exposed to torsional loads and rotational forces. All connectors are electrically shielded, ensuring electrical performance at high data rates.


During the international standardisation process, industry-standard requirements regarding integration and functionality were integrated and complied with. This ensures cross-manufacturer compatibility, already proven between different manufacturers.