Algorithms streamline supply chain process

Anglia Components is showcasing a new level of supply chain flexibility offered through its AI enabled inventory management system, Anglia 80/20.


The free to use system gives a real-time vendor managed line side inventory (VMI) that intelligently manages low-value, high-volume commodity components using AI algorithms to reduce errors and streamline the supply chain.


Anglia 80/20 is a cloud-based system that automatically increases and decreases line side inventory quantities according to actual and forecasted usage, reducing the time and cost of managing commodity components. Anglia 80/20 protects customers against disruption by letting them hold increased levels of inventory on site at no extra cost, which is automatically invoiced when used in weekly or monthly consolidated invoices.


CEO, Steve Rawlins, said: “Anglia 80/20 has been hugely successful in addressing recent supply chain challenges. We haven’t let a single Anglia 80/20 customer down over the last two years despite the huge disruption that we’ve seen to the supply chain.”