Buying into power interconnects

Molex’ Micro-Fit 3.0 connector system offers a range of pole numbers and cable lengths for power and signal transmission. With a pitch of 3.0mm and maximum current carrying capacity of 8.5A, it is designed to ensure a reliable power supply in a compact design.


Optional features such as contact position assurance, blind mating and press-fit technology, offer OEMs flexibility in space-constrained applications including automotive, consumer, medical, telecommunications and networking.


Insulated terminals protect against damage during handling and mating, while minimising the risk of short circuits due to debris.


In hard-to-reach applications, such as slide-in units or fan trays, connections must be closed and opened with no or with limited visual contact. With its Micro-Fit Blind Mate Interface, Molex provides blind mateable cable-to-cable and cable-to-board connectors, with up to 2.54mm tolerance to misalignment and self-alignment capability.


A contact position assurance feature reduces slippage by providing redundant locking. It can only be closed when the contact is correctly positioned.