Flexible interconnect solutions

Visitors to Flex Connection’s ECS stand can expect to be met by an array of interconnect options from unique round flat cables to PET coated assemblies


As the electronics industries look to take advantage of the benefits of flat flexible interface solutions, Flex Connection is supporting customers in industries including medical, automotive, IT, aerospace and defence.


Flex Connection’s work begins by listening to clients and understanding the design application. This design led approach lets its engineers propose custom application specific solutions drawing on their knowledge and experience.


Flex Connection’s ECS stand will feature a wide range of flat flex solutions including a variety of FFC options with customised shielding, die-cut locking tabs to suit different connector designs and even the option of black PET coating which suits some applications.


Options include pitches from 0.3 to 5.08mm, tin or gold plating, printing, labelling, folding, plus high flex and high temp rated cables.


Also on display will be round flat cables (RFC). These cables’ unique design combines the properties of flat insulated conductors which transition to round solder pins for soldering direct into a PCB or connector.


The flat insulated conductors act as a vibration damper making the jumpers suitable for the most arduous applications. Availability of different insulation materials ensures maximum reliability, even at high temperatures.