Self-service PCB assemblies

DVR is introducing a new fast turnaround prototyping service for the UK electronics industry, with buyers just one click away from next day delivery of prototype assemblies


Speed Assembly Services is offering a low-cost fast turnaround PCB assembly manufacturing service for new electronic designs required at the pre-production bench top stage. The service is designed to support design engineers’ needs to rapidly evaluate new and innovative electronic concepts. Engineers no longer need to consider making their own assemblies using existing outdated methods, offering the opportunity to have concepts produced professionally and quickly.


Double-sided PTH and multilayer PCBs can be ordered, with Speed Assembly Services delivering custom-made PCB assemblies to customers via online order submission within the UK. Delivery timeframe is dependent on component availability and lead time.


Like supermarket self-checkouts, customers upload their BOM and use the online ordering tool to empower engineers to self-serve and control the ordering process. All this while having customisation options and minimising quoting/ordering times.


SAS has cut out the middle-man so customers reap the cost savings. Engineers select components through the integrated search tool and communicate via a ticketing/chat system.


SAS has positioned itself as the ideal supplier for low quantities, NPI, prototypes and concept PCBs. The company works with customers during their electronics development journey as a dependable, trustworthy and quality supplier of boards.