Trustworthy solution to obsolescence

Winslow Adaptics invites visitors to explore its drop-in chip and PCB replacements as a solution to their obsolescence issues and supply-chain shortages


The Winslow Adaptics Program began in the early 1990s when Marconi approached the company for a solution to a critical, but obsolete, PGA device. Winslow’s design team replaced the PGA with a functionally identical PLCC based solution. So, it is no wonder that engineers from SMEs to multinationals in the industrial automation, power, space, medical, automotive, rail, aviation and defence sectors, trust Winslow with their obsolescence or supply-chain issues.


Winslow Adaptics designs, adapts and manufactures innovative solutions to short and long term diminished supply of electronic components. Its 3FI solutions (form, fit, function and interface) drop-in chip or PCB replacements can keep production running in the face of obsolescence and supply-chain shortages. Mid-term electronic technology upgrade such as an ASIC to FPGA replacement in small to large quantities is a house speciality.


Winslow’s team of qualified and talented electronic and mechanical engineers work in partnership with customers through the development cycle: from initial design consultation and feasibility studies to pre-production and component manufacture/assembly. With many products in worldwide distribution and the company’s impressive 99 per cent on time delivery statistics, customers can be confident of a timely resolution.


Critical industries have always looked to extend product lifecycles, but obsolescence has only recently been considered from the early design stage. Multiple footprint adapter or ‘interposer’ solutions can achieve this at a fraction of the cost of re-design and re-qualification. Extending the life of products is one of the most important contributions we can make to reduce our environmental and raw-material footprint.