Ultra compact IEC appliance inlet saves space

Schurter’s new 5121 filtered appliance inlet features an IEC C14 inlet with capacitors and enclosed steel housing that shields high-frequency interference conducted through cables or radiated interference.


Suited for applications with shallow installation depth, the filter suppresses the equipment’s high-frequency interference at the mains input while other additional low-frequency filter components, such as chokes and capacitors, can be placed elsewhere on the PCB.


A flange is offered with plastic on metal or metal only, while the snap-in version features snap arms. Securing the metal flange to the chassis with metal screws or snap-in version with snap arms optimizes shielding at the panel opening, reducing the coupling effect and radio frequency’s ability to travel. Snap arms provide a clean, neat look using less panel space and installation time.


The series is available in standard and medical M80 versions, suiting laboratory, industrial, medical, telecom, audio/video and office equipment. Pricing for the 5121 starts at $7.48 each at 100 pieces.