New source for audio capacitors

BEC Distribution has become UK distributor for the WEE Technology Company, a manufacturer of audio capacitors serving global markets. WEET’s premium range of capacitors adds to BEC’s Select range of alternative passives.


WEET was founded over two decades ago to manufacture plastic film capacitors, including metallized polyester and polypropylene film. The company specializes in premium capacitors for crossover audio circuits and music applications.


The capacitors are typically rated at +/-5 per cent of target value, ensuring speaker projects have little deviation between stereo pairs. Low ESR and high damping factors ensure excellent transient performance through the crossover range where the capacitor has its greatest impact on sound.


Applications include midrange/high frequency crossover networks and shunt circuitry in the networks of premium loudspeakers. They also suit feedback, bypass, coupling/decoupling and output capacitors for amplifiers, pre-amps and digital-to-audio DACs.


Axial, radial and SMD packaging options are offered.