Extended connectivity portfolio

Renesas is acquiring Panthronics to enrich its portfolio of connectivity technology, extending its reach into high-demand near-field communication applications in fintech, IoT, asset tracking, wireless charging and automotive environment.


Renesas’ president and CEO, Hidetoshi Shibata, said: “Connectivity has been a priority area of ours, expanding and differentiating the realm of solutions we offer. We see tremendous opportunities for Panthronics’ NFC connectivity technology to benefit our customers in growing areas that span across fintech, IoT and automotive spheres.”


Headquartered in Graz, Austria, Panthronics has been offering NFC chipsets and software designed to be easy to apply, innovative, small-in-size and highly efficient for payment, IoT and NFC wireless charging. Renesas and Panthronics have been addressing rising demand of NFC as partners since 2018. Acquiring Panthronics’ NFC technology will provide Renesas with in-house capability to capture growing and emerging market opportunities for NFC.