Reduced enclosure price point

Hammond’s new 14 strong ABS 1556 family was inspired by the recently launched IP68 polycarbonate 1557 series. It follows the same rounded corners and top face styling, while introducing rectangular versions to complement the square format versions derived from the 1557 series.

IP54 sealed for general purpose indoor use, the ABS material offers a lower price point than polycarbonate which is designed for outdoor and aggressive environments. Self-tapping screws secure the lid, ideal for applications where repeated opening and closing is not required. There are multiple PCB mounting standoffs in the lid and base.

Four square plan sizes range from 80 by 80mm to 200 by 200mm. Three rectangular designs range from 120 by 80mm to 200 by 160mm. All sizes are available in two heights, 45 and 60mm for the smallest size and 45 and 70mm for the larger ones.

All sizes are available in black, RAL 7035 grey and white.